Mourn the passing of good cigars

Every man who owns his own humidor has that moment when they prematurely and unceremoniously lose a cigar. I had my moment yesterday when I found one of my Oliva Cains with a thoroughly split wrapper.

Apparently, the last time I tended my humidor, I got things a bit wetter than usual, and this poor thing paid the price. Fortunately, I caught my mistake and vented everything out for twenty four hours before ruining anything else. Consider this a cautionary tale for those of us that maintain our own stash of cigars to be careful lest we destroy perfectly good cigars

An impromptu funeral attended by a Tabak Especial Short Shot and myself.


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  1. Neil Bodenheimer on

    you have the condolences of myself and Pinar Del Rio Capa Natural…as the vikings of old we will burn one for your loss.

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