Don Leoncio Cigar Lounge, New Orleans LA

Our most recent herf on June 30th took us to Canal St. in New Orleans to Don Leoncio Cigar Lounge. We sampled their house brand, PDR’s, and my old favorite the Java by Drew Estates. When I arrived with another new member of ours, Ross Cummings, we were casually greeted by the employees. A walk through the humidor showed it well appointed, and the staff was consistently knowledgeable about their products. The gentleman who assisted us in our purchases passed my litmus test for cigar establishments, he was smoking a cigar when we walked in. If you ever walk into a shop and everyone isn’t mid cigar, turn around and spend your money elsewhere.

With fresh purchases in hand, me with a Don Leoncio house brand and Ross with a PDR, we sat at the bar with a pair of Guinness and waited for Neil. Once the three amigos were assembled, we wasted the evening away smoking, talking club business, and getting to know each other. We wrapped up the evening with a walk down Decateur to Flanigan’s Pub for a bite to eat, and bid our farewells.

As I said before, while I enjoy visiting other areas for a herf, the inherent expense involved in New Orleans French Quarter shops (pay to park, 50% markup versus shops near my home, time to drive) mean we will not be making regular trips to The Quarter. We will investigate other shops off the beaten path closer to Neil’s home, and the other shop near my home further north of Habana Port. In the end, our plan is for one monthly visit to a shop, and one to a member’s home. we’re getting organized, but still a bit thin on the ground. If you’re lurking, whether cigar/pipe veteran or newbie, please come out and join us.


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  1. Neil Bodenheimer on

    I think what i really enjoyed about it was the fact you cannot go into that humidor without the tobacconist being right there to help. I loved how I can simply ask for a recommendation and i know i’m getting something really good. …now that im thinking about it i’m going to smoke right now (:

    • philrab on

      That’s where I’m heading. Gentleman Jack in the glass, and a Tabak Especial for smoke. Happy 4th.

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