Founding Member; Neil Bodenheimer

Hello, my name is Neil Bodenheimer I am 29, and I have been a cigar smoker since 2005 but have only really endeavored to learn the art of Cigars the past 2 years or so. I also enjoy smoking a pipe, a hobby I picked up during my time in college. I have spent the last 3 ½ years in Catholic Seminary where I earned a degree in Philosophy and I am now a Religion teacher.

I was inspired when I was younger by my older brothers’ indulgence in cigars and loved to look at the mystery known as the humidor. When I got older I tried my first cigar, though I would not call it a real cigar, I am ashamed to admit it was a “flavored” cigar I got from a convenience store. It did not take long for me to realize I was denying myself the joy of authentic cigars. At this same time my brother got me a humidor for Christmas which sped me on to fill it with real cigars. My first real Cigar was a Romeo Juliette, I believe it was an 1875 Reserve, though do not hold me to it as it has been awhile. It was the cigar my brother smoked, but I was not impressed, also I wanted to find a brand of my own. This quest led me to MonteChristo, #2 and #4, which then set me on a course that would bring to the place I am at now; in love with premium cigars.

I am still growing in my knowledge of Cigars and really enjoying every minute of it, but what I really love about it is the social and fraternal aspect of Cigars. I eventually posted on the CRA app for my phone looking for others who shard my interests in cigars. This is where I met Phil and, being unable to find a club, I expressed the idea of creating one to Phil…And now, here we are with the first New Orleans Cigar Club. I have since grown from that “fake” cigar to premium medium to full cigar, and my brand now is Pinar Del Rio…as well as Camacho when I can’t get my PDRs. My hope is that you will come and help us grow not only as a club but also in our knowledge and love of cigars. Welcome to the Brotherhood!


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