Founding member; Phil Rabalais

I’m a combat veteran, a college graduate, a husband, and most recently a father. My history with cigars spans all of these periods in my life, and while I won’t lay claim to remembering in vivid detail every cigar I ever smoked, I will say that they do jog my memory. I enjoyed my first cigar while on deployment to Camp Anaconda Iraq eight years ago. At the time, my palette for cigars was hardly developed, and whatever god awful thing I was smoking at the time tasted like I was inhaling crushed razor blades. What I do remember was the communal spirit of us taking some time together on our only day off, and me and a few soldiers forgetting about where we were and blowing off steam. It is that same sense of community and intellectual conversation I look forward to in founding this club.

My cigar hobby ebbed and flowed throughout the years. I hardly smoked at all when I got home and started college. Working 60 hours a week while going to college full-time didn’t leave tremendous time for enjoying them. I did have a friend at the time who got me back into the hobby, and at the time I stayed on the mild end of the spectrum with Drew Estates Acid line. As time passed, I graduated, got married, got my FIRST REAL JOB, bought a house, had my daughter, and am now the proud owner of a modest hundred count humidor that’s in moderate levels of stock at any time. My tastes have progressed towards medium cigars, mainly Drew Estates Tabak Especial and Java, but I like to branch out and try a new one in between my old standbys. What hasn’t changed is that I still hate to smoke by myself, I still enjoy the community and conversation, and I still enjoy the relaxation and blowing off steam. I invite any and all like-minded ladies and gentlemen who would like to share in the hobby to email me or show up for an event. We hope to see you there.

Interested cigar and pipe lovers can contact me at  Soliciters and spammers will be ignored, or sent nastygrams in response.


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