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Old traditions and new experiences

This past weekend, myself and Ross took the plunge and followed Neil down the rabbit hole of pipe smoking. Both of us had been curious of it for a while, but never had that little encouragement we needed to make us dive in. With goody bags loaded, we merrily sauntered over to a table in the corner of Habana Port, and brother Neil gave us our first tutelage on how to pack a bowl. I have to say, I made a royal mess of that first time.

The smoke was hot, wet, gurgling, and I couldn’t keep it lit to save my life. I popped so many matches in that store, someone probably thought Lucifer was shopping in the walk in humidor from the scent of sulphur. After several days of practicing, I’ve finally managed to get most of the way through a bowl without making too much a mess of it, but not to the point I’d feel qualified to give someone else advice. In any case, so we embark on a new adventure, and continue to enjoy the experiences we share.

After we polished off our inaugural pipes, we swapped to cigars.

Like I told someone else; I wouldn’t give up cigars for pipe smoking. Pipe smoking is more of a singular activity in my mind, as it requires much more concentration. It encourages ‘quiet contemplation’ as Neil put it, whereas a cigar can be waved around while embroiled in a conversation. I suppose each has it’s place, much like the varied personalities that sit at this table.