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Saints, smokes, sweets

With Ross out of town, and Neil stuck at home dealing with bad weather, I alone made the trek to Habana Port to spend the afternoon having a cigar, making friends, and cheering/cursing at the Saints. One of the regulars brought in fudge and cookies to ruin the palate, but not before I tempted my taste buds.

Louis had a pot of Venezuelan coffee brewed up when I walked in, and I watered myself with one while enjoying a Tabak Especial Dolce. After an interlude, and a bowl of Peterson Gold Blend, I swapped to one of Louis’ recommendations and had a Viaje Honey Hand Grenade(review to follow).

Here we are going into the fourth quarter and the Saints are showing signs of life. Hopefully we’ll light up a victory smoke shortly.




Last minute herf

Since this weekend isn’t going to work for all of us, we are pulling the trigger on a last minute herf tomorrow. We’re heading to Habana Port for a lunchtime smoke, followed by snacks, dinner, and BS at Chez Rabalais (my home, with Mrs. Rabalais’ blessing).

As usual, anyone interested in joining us should email me at, and we’ll see you there.